When moving parent empty the child object disappeared

Two problems:

  1. So I have 3d model where I have empties as parents to objects. Basically I’m working on a car model and the parent is called ARROW_SPEED and it is an empty (plain axes). It is parent to a object called speedarrow which is a 3d mesh. The empty is supposed to tell the game how the object rotates.

So I moved the parent and the object disappeared. Only its origin point is left. There is no 3d model even though in the right side scene window. (Ignore that black box and arrow drawn on the image for this question.)
The model still exists I think. I have tried to move the object to origin, move origin to cursor, alt-h to unhide and checked all kinds of things I could imagine the object stays hidden. Only its origin point is visible and when I press a to select all there is nothing else selected than the origin I think.

I have had objects disappear like this before but I was able to close blender and then reload the old save to get the object back but now I saved and thus I can’t get the object back that way. I could remodel the part but it would be nice to know what is happening just in case something disappears I’ve been working on for days instead of minutes…

  1. Also what does that lighter highlight around the STEER_LR mean? Is it some kind of selection? When I click other objects that STEER_LR stays with that different background color and the stuff I select has the white text indicating it is selected.

Click the little plus sign next to the parent name to see its children. Select the child and look in the N properties region to see its xyz coordinates. Look to see what transforms are on the parent and child. Clear or apply them to resolve the problem possibly.

I already redid the mesh but I’ll try your method next time I get this problem.

Anyone has any idea what is the answer to the 2nd question? Why is the STEER_LR highlighted in such way in that window? The STEER_LR is just a parent empty to its only child called steeringlr. I might remember this wrong but before I started working on the part that vanished the STEER_LR was the last part selected before that. Maybe I accidentally pressed some buttons that started some tool for the STEER_LR and then the tool hang when I moved to the speedarrow editing.

I think I have figured out why the problem of vanishing objects happens. Apparently it is a feature of blender. So when you move an object to point (in edit mode) the object collapses into a point (the word singularity was used…). Makes so much sense… :frowning: So when I want to move an object to certain point of course all vertices collapse into that point as well. Actually doesn’t make sense but whatever…

Anyways, I don’t want to make new thread for this because it is such a basic question but after one hour of googling and basically destroying my model in several ways… well here is the question: I have 3 objects which have one parent that is an empty (axis).

What I simply want to do is to move the children of that parent (object1,2 and amptyA) so that their origins are at the center of that parent empty. Basically:

  • move emptyA so it is at the same location as empty1
  • move object1 so its origin is at the center of empty1 (origin is not the geometric center or center of mass of the object but one vertice of the object so the origin needs to be adjusted as well…)
  • move object2 so that its geometric center is at the center of the empty1 (in this object geometric center should be =origin)
  • empty1 is where it should be and as such it should be moved at all.

I know about shift-s and in object mode using the transform tools but I don’t know how to exactly use those to get the correct result. I thought about moving the objects manually around using the grab tool but since the game requires the objects to be in exact same position that really doesn’t work.

Please help.

Ok, finally figured it out. Basically set the origins using shift-s and then used the snap tool to move the objects to correct locations.

It may be that you were in Edit mode when it disappeared. I have just had the experience of trying to move an object and it disappears into a point. So getting back into object mode could be the best for what you were trying to do at the time.

Also I just had the experience of a tank track disappearing when trying to attach it to a curve. I just had the origin point and had to delete the curve modifier to get the track back. So you could be right that you clicked some command somewhere. This was in v2.8