When my Input Select with is "Left" I can't scrub the green timeline bar. Please Help

Like the title description, I have my “Select With:” Set to “Left” but now I can’t scrub the green bar, in Timeline with ANY mouse-click(Left, Right, Middle, doesn’t matter, none work). I should note that I’ve made custom changes to Input, where my camera movement is mainly done with right-click. Does any one know exactly what is conflicting and where I can make changes to the input so I can scrub drag the green bar in the timeline with my left-click mouse button?

Thanks so much in Advance!

Hmm, I have left click select enabled but do not have any problems with scrubbing the timeline with the right mouse button. I would check your other settings and see if they are conflicting.

Thanks so much Grimm, I managed to figure it out.

The Timeline scrubbing is under: File > User Preferences… > Input > Animation >Change Frame (Timeline Scrubbing).

The “Change Frame” default was set to “Action Mouse”(I still have no idea what action mouse button is).

I changed that to “Left Mouse.”

However since Left Mouse in Timeline was already used for interacting with the “Time Marker” in Timeline, I had to change that input to something else(I changed it to Middle Mouse).

The struggles of setting our own preference inputs ;D.