When one meter means to continue living

Stop in 0:02 and you see the rock at the top of the mountain starts to fall down

“…Too bad it didnt hit the McDonalds…” LOL

oh SNAP!!!

I won’t drive near mountains in rainy time anymore :smiley:

terror, stop it right now

I presume​ this is a well-done CG comp. :eek:

I hate when people say things like, “When one meter means to continue living.”, Or, “If the bullet had gone one inch more to the right I would be dead.”

What’s the point in putting things in those kind of terms? What about when one meter means to be squashed like a bug, you ever see one of those videos Bao2?

Also, when I stand by the edge of the subway platform aren’t I constantly a meter away from death, I could be pushed at any time by a deranged lunatic.

I get that it was cool that he almost got smooshed and it looked like he escaped narrowly but… I guess I’ve had too much coffee lately or something.

Carry on.

Whoaa…! That is a breathtaking video :eek::eek::eek:.

Yep, I also don’t like when people does that.:smiley: But in this case he moved the car one meter to the left and there all the hell breaks and then the boulder was one meter. If he didn’t do such move he would be dead. He did. A quantum world where everything counts to be alive. Now, why he moved the car one meter to the left? Ah, good question. To be alive. Who moved the car? Of course: him. The real one.

That was really well done! A good save!

I’m not really positive what your saying here. Are you saying that people who die are not real? If the guy in the car had died would you say he’s the fake one?

If you were behind me on the subway platform would you push me on to the tracks and say, “To quantum, or not to quantum, that is the question”, And after I got run over say, “Well I guess he wasn’t real.”:smiley:

Haha, I should’ve known it was that pesky thing known as Quantum Mechanics again, Bao2 does indeed say it’s responsible for well…everything (because we all know that humans can’t think for themselves as well as not being self-aware at all so we either are made to do something by the Quantum Mechanics or the Mechanics summon the all-powerful universal forces and do it for you O.o).

I’m joking by the way, don’t underestimate the ability of people to make split-second decisions under an adrenaline rush.