When opening a .blend file the layout / UI is all different; how to keep it standard?

Hi everyone,

I’m more or less new to Blender and I actually like the default layout and UI so I never tinkered with it / changed anything. But when I opened a .blend file from an external source the layout / UI looked all different / all kinds of things were in different places. Moving the toolbar from the bottom to the top is easy enough, as well as adding the shader-tab again. But I don’t know how to get rid of the box with the tools with their icons (box select, cursor, move, rotate, scale, transform, annotate measure etc etc); they’re always all there and take up a lot more space than usual :confused: (c.f. attached picture)

Also, when I save the file and re-open it whatever I changed with the UI stays the way I set it. - But whenever I open a new .blend file from the same source it’s the weird layout again. Is there a way to ‘force’ the standard layout when opening a new file? Changing everything for every file I open seems a bit inconvenient :sweat_smile:

(I’m sorry for probably sounding like a toddler - but I don’t know how the menus and all the things are called yet :sweat_smile:)

If you use “Open” from blender, click the gear and uncheck “Load UI”.

For the “Box”, you can change the size with mouse, like other toolbars, it has an invisible resize border.

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