When scene renders, camera/objects move. Scene never renders as I set it up...

So I’ve got a scene where a car is driving through an old country road basically. I have everything built where I want it. I have the camera in the driver’s seat of the car and you can see some trees through the wind shield. But then when I render the scene, I find the trees are gone and they are replaced by some abstract object that is viewable outside the car’s windshield now. What happened? I go back to the scene and find that the car model as literally moved under the road in the scene! When I first rendered the scene, the car was nicely parked on the road. But by the time the scene is rendered, the car has moved and the scene I get rendered isn’t the scene I set up. Has this happened to anyone else? How do I get the car to stop moving when I go to render the scene? It’s not an animation problem. There is no animation. But the car is at a different position when I go back to the scene anyway! Tips? Help much appreciated.

No blend file in your post to check !!!

Are you trying to make it difficult for anyone to help you ?

Have you keyframed anything ?
Have you something in the sequencer than is rendering instead of the 3d view ?

Alright, here’s my file. I…think I’ve uploaded it. This Attachment Manager thing is sort of weird. But hopefully my upload worked.

Also as far as I know it’s just a clean Render. No modifiers are post processing effects if that’s what you mean. I’m a bit of a noob at Blender so thanks for the help.

Oooooohhhhh Happy Day! Figured it out. I realized it wasn’t a problem with the Render options. It was a problem with the camera. The camera options include ‘Clipping’ and for some reason Blender has the default ‘End’ set at 100. So basically everything that was relatively 20 feet from the camera got clipped, disappeared. I yanked that joker up to 1000 clipping, and now everything is visible in the Render. Man, I knew it was going to be something stupid. Usually is with computer stuff. Whole program doesn’t work because I’m missing a semicolon. Sorry, had to rant there. But thanks Richard for replying.

And, if things “move when you render” (multiple frames …) from where you originally placed them, “look for pesky keyframes.” Happens to everyone: position the camera just-so, do a test render, and “zooo-o-o-ooop!” the object snaps to its keyframe position. :mad: