When Should I Use Subsurf?

Hey guys. I was just looking for some advice.

If you are working on a model that you know you are going to add the Subsurf modifier to, at what stage should you add it? As soon as you begin or at the end? In the middle?

I’ve noticed that subsurf greatly reduces the size of a model that doesn’t have a lot of geometry. I find this difficult to work with.

Also, any advice on Set Smooth would be appreciated. I have a hard time getting nice results with it.

Thanks a lot for your help!:yes:

I usually add Subsurf as soon as I start modelling something, and then use the “Loop Subdivide” tool (Ctrl-K) to sharpen my edges. This also tends to help the “Set Smooth” option work better too, especially on stuff like cylinders. Make sure you always recalculate your normals (Ctrl-N) when using “Set Smooth” and try to always use quads instead of triangles.

I always do all those things you mentioned. That is a good tip to use the loop cut tool. That’s one thing I don’t always do to control subsurf. Also, is Shift + E (can’t remember what it’s called) a recommended method of controlling subsurf?

I used “Shift-E” for a while, but I found it hard to remember which edges I had marked. Loop cuts are easier for me. I know some people use the “EdgeSplit modifier” too. What problems exactly are you having?

I’ve never really used the Shift E function.
But it has its uses.
When making folds in clothes it comes in handy.
Also, in the Mesh Tools More Panel, theres the option to draw them.

I’m not having a specific problem. I’m just trying to learn enough so that I can turn the image in my head into a model on my screen. I think I just need more practice and to develop my own techniques. Is there any timelapse modeling videos that you guy would recommend? Creature Factory looked really good, but I don’t know when I’ll be able to order it.

Thanks for your feedback. Any advice is much appreciated.:yes:

Huh. I never really noticed that. Have to check it out. Thanks.

Yeah, I think the best way to learn it is just to do it. If you Google “Blender Head Tutorial” or “Blender Time Lapse” you’ll get a lot of useful links. http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=93651 is a good discussion on getting your topology right. I also enjoyed http://www.blendernation.com/time-lapse-video-modeling-a-wasp/ Just look around on Vimeo or Youtube and you’ll find plenty of material.

That wasp model time lapse is exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for. I noticed he got the general shape of the model and then added subsurf. Thanks for the link!

I would recommend putting it on 2 or 3 subsurf while working on the model just to get the idea of how the finished product is going to be, also, i used to do the Edge loop trick to control subsurf, but it adds a LOT of faces that arent needed on the edges of your model, so yes <Shift>+<E> (Creasing) would be the best way to keep performance / less polygons.