When texture painting in 3D, the texture goes to the other side?

Title explains it, when i try to texture paint, the texture shows up on the other side of the model, a video video that shows it happening. How do I fix this?

Somehow cannot access the video. But I suspect it is one of these 3 reasons:

  • UV map overlap. The face you paint on shares UVs with the one where the painting unexpectedly appears. In this case you would see the paint on both sides. Note that painting considers UVs to be periodic, so if your UV map is larger than the image, wraparound also can cause this overlap.
  • In the tool options Occlude and Backface culling are both disabled. Paint will also appear on both sides.
  • Mesh normals are inverted. For painting on the back side to happen, in the tool options Occlude needs to be disabled and Backface culling enabled. Paint will only appear on the back side.
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I was having the same problem, in my case, it was having an active Solidify modifier, turning it off solved the problem