When the Blender website was a baby

Since I “discovered” the Internet Wayback Machine (usefull if a site is down, or just consider Google In Cache), I wondered how the Blender website looked when it was in it’s infant shoes.
Well, like this:


Do you see similarities or funny things?

…lol. A nice trip around memory lane that what it is for sure.

version 2.25?! The version numbers don’t change much over the years, do they.

If you want to see even older stuff, check out www.blender.nl. I don’t know if it’s archived, but that was the official site for a long time before blender3d.org existed.

The old site is still available.

PlantPerson, blender.nl redirects at blender.org ^^

Back in the olden days it was its own site, and archive.org may still have pages from that somewhere.

The archives N3ON posted contain some of the older .nl stuff, but I remember an even earlier version.

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When has my grammar ever been bad?