When the war ends


I just finished this project,

What do you think? Critic is very welcome!

Cycles was used, 100 Samples per part, (foreground, background), there’s actually quite some detail, but I don’t really know how to increase it here. Everything was created using blender, few edits were done using Photoshop

-> IF <- you’re interested, here’s the making: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYrqaN0YTZo

Hope you like it! :slight_smile:

Thanks for viewing!

You need to contrast the character more from the background. The orange part of the suit, the skin, and the hair blends together too much with the cliff in the background. It’s really obvious if you take a look at it from the thumbnail. The pose also needs adjustment too as it doesn’t quite look natural. The legs especially need editing because they’re too perpendicular in reference to each other and in reference to the angle of the camera. I’m not quite sure what she has strapped to her back either. A sword maybe?

It’s an interesting character you have there, but the whole framing and composition of the character needs work.

It’s possible I’m wrong but it just looks like you used diffuse on all of it, I would tweak the materials a bit to look less flat. I also agree wit Omnilord about contrast between background and forground

Thank you for your tips! Now that you point it out it really does require some adjustments, I might have overdone the lighting, leading to material issues, etc. , the pose could be a little off too. It’s a type of sword, she’s holding it in her hand.
I agree, I just don’t see what’s wrong during the making, so thank you for your comments, I’ll be sure to pay closer attention, thanks!

I guess background is too dark, but I agree with previous posts.

light!!! you need more light!!! a lot more!

Thank you for your comments, the lighting is probably off by quite a bit, I’m still quite bad in it so thank you for pointing out my errors, I’ll be paying more attention to that, thanks!

Good job. Looks amazing. Excellent attention to detail.


Thank you :slight_smile: