When to UV Map?

Hi guys, I am modelling a sword in blender (I am a beginner with blender and its workflow) and I did a low poly model to then add a subsurface modifier. The thing is that I did the UV mapping with the topology of the low poly model, before applying the modifier. While I was unwrapping I checked the stretching of the map until I got it all blue.

Once I had this done I added the texture above the UV map in Photoshop, just 2 different metals and leather for the handle. I created the normal map in Crazy Bump using that image.

The problem is that when I apply it to the subdivided model it feels stretched, especially the bump map. Should I have subdivided the model before making the unwrapping?

I also tried to apply those textures to the low poly model, I think the stretching is gone (I might be wrong because it is hard to tell) but now the textures are not applied as they should, the textures go beyond the islands I put them:

From Left to right, the UV map with the textures, The high poly model and finally the low poly one.

Please ignore the bad quality of the textures and the way the uvmap was made in photoshop, I was rushing to apply it as soon as possible to see if I was in the right direction.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Are you wanting to bake this onto a low poly mesh for something like game use? Or is this just a personal project? Andrew Price (Blenderguru) has a tutorial about high poly to low poly uv baking and mapping. If you haven’t checked that out you might want to give it a look. He covers it through a whole series modeling a high quality looking anvil and uses the uv texturing from the high on the low poly model and you can’t see a difference.

Here is a link to the first video in the series.

I was actually following that serie of tutorial, I only used the sword because I had the model done and I wanted to learn how to go further with the materials. I think I followed all the steps correctly :frowning: