When were talking about anti-aliasing?

A sample on a pixel, does the word sample just mean another pixel added next to the pixel.
I’m just reading the Blender Manual here: “It then is important to define how much each sample contributes to a pixel.”
The word sample is another word for pixel? Did I get that right.


It’s all about just adding more pixel next to each other and getting an average color per pixel?
I feel like an idiot for not understanding this.

basic AA understanding here, pretty much what happens is that each pixel is queried for each AA sample, but with a slight variation on each sample. as that one pixel at one resolution may be representing many more at a higher resolution. then the result is merged together to give you that nice smooth looking edge.

As you go to higher resolutions, less AA is needed as AA is a trick to make something look smooth that really isnt… higher resolutions add in that detail that you are trying to fake.

hmm, higher AA = more blurry