When will BGMC15 start?

I just wanted to ask when will Blender Game Making Challange 15 start?

Whenever Smoking_Mirror decides.

Whenever enough people express an interest on this site. Here would be a good idea to post your interest.

I’ve got a couple of potential themes:
1.Blender-Beat-em-up. (Not many games like this on blender artists, but maybe thats because they are unpopular. Do we hate em?).

2.Girl’s Games. (These days many gamers are female, but game developers continue to ignore like 50% of the population. Make a game your sister, girlfriend, daughter, mum or wife would like to play. What do they like? Maybe you need to do some market research, always a good idea for a game developer).

3.Big Stompy Robots (Always popular since the dawn of video games, titanfall, mechwarrior, armored core, etc…)

4.Spectrum 48k (my first computer is about to be rereleased with all its original games. I’m not suggesting any graphics restrictions like the last few BGMCs but rather the type of game from that era. Games like treasure island dizzy or frogger would be great canidates for a week long game contest, of course updated with modern graphics. Commodore 64 games or similar could be included).

I’m also thinking of setting a 9 day period during which time you can devote 7 days to your game. You can chose to start on a monday and finish on a sunday or start on a saturday and finish on a friday. That should make it more flexible and hopefully atract the maximum number of contestants.

I am in for Giant Robots + steampunk :smiley:

  1. as in a street fighter style game? or mortal kombat? There could be some valuable stuff to learn from this.

  2. this could be cool, but would be very “arty”, as (stereotypically speaking) most “female” games are very visual and simplistic.

  3. This could be a cool idea, harder for beginners, but could definitely provide some awesome results

  4. I think this will be the most flexible theme, but to work properly will need some sort of restrictions. Again with such an “open” theme this could lead to a range of different entries increasing the difficulty of judging.

I think the 9 day period is a nice thought but there will be people who will unintentionally abuse this rule to get their game to a playable state. Why not for BGMC 15 just extend the period to 9 days? maybe see what difference 2 days can make!

Regarding how soon BGMC 15 should start I think that there should be at least a 1-2 month gap based merely on the fact that this is what it has been for previous competitions.

Lately we’ve been getting about 2-3 BGMC per year. I’d like to see more. Perhaps quarterly, or even bi-monthly if people are really enthusiastic.
However, tradition dictates that the next date will be picked by the previous chief.
If the chief leaves the tribe, then it falls to the first young warrior who steps up.

That sounds like a good idea. The BGMC is pretty lax and we want to make sure everyone can participate.

Worst case scenarios:
-Someone who can’t read accidentally spends 9 days on their game.
-People like me secretly use the first 2 days to write design documents and stuff.

EDIT - forgot to comment on themes

I suck at this kind of game

The females I know tend play the same games I do. Those with a good storyline and interesting mechanics. Or just plain nostalgia.
Delta Force, Heroes of Might and Magic, D&D, Dawn of War…

Robots are cool. I’d have a lot of fun with this.

I’m all for re-making an old game. But yes, I too grow tired of graphical restrictions.
These are great because the design doc is mostly “copy X game”

Giant robots!!!

![http://www.tukano.it/images/giant robots.jpg](http://www.tukano.it/images/giant robots.jpg)

I think you should do one a month. Its always interesting and pumps people up

If we do girl games it’s just Candy Crush right? :3

Couldn’t help myself

If we do girl games it’s just Candy Crush right? :3

own[“Sweet”] = True

I’m keen for the girl theme (sounds like a challenge), or big stompy robots will be great fun and sure to attract a lot of developers.

I think so Beat-em-up or robots sounds good games… I might like to practise in beat-em-up like Jakudza(a game I played on PS2 a while ago) or Death by Degrees(very awesome Ps2 game made by developers of tekken)