When will Blender be completely finished with versions ?

I wondering when Blender will be finished with versions so it will be one completed package without newer versions except need updating computer architecture and similar ?

When is any major piece of software finished?

Not until the “Make Awesome Movie” button is done…

We do our best but those bastard graphics researchers and programmers keep thinking up great algorithms that blender won’t have and then we are never a complete program because other programs are so much better and professional.

I have an idea! Eradicate all researchers, then we can catch up with what exists now and at last be finished. (Don’t laugh too much, boycotting competing technology is not fiction, see Tesla vs Edison for instance, or the history of the steam engine among others) - note, I’m not a supporter of the idea of course!

And a second idea. Endi where are you?

Such questions put me in a philosophical state of mind. When will History be complete? When will physics be complete?. Until those are, I just don’t want to bother, call me when they are final :p.

I think this forum should ask for the age of the user and then display it under his/her profile.

Because that could never end badly…

In the world of software, an app. that is ‘finished’ and won’t be coming out with new versions is what is known as abandonware, or simply software that has been abandoned.

This can happen in FOSS if an app. completely loses developer interest, this can also happen commercially through the company getting bought out or simply going out of business. If Blender simply saw its development stop, the commercial companies will still try to outdo each other and this community will shrivel to a small group of avid users who will use it no matter what (like the small groups that still use the Duke Nukem build engine or even the one behind Doom).

Hopefully never. I don’t want to see Blender “finished”, I want it to always be updated and maintained so it doesn’t become like Silo and tons of other great apps that died.

when it can render waterfall animation over a burning flag in the wind while an avalanche is falling in the distance in REYES at realtime, at 39 MP resolution. Then I think we can kick up our heels and say, “OK, good enough”

@daren, and artist can make that in 15 minutes while eating a sandwitch and writing email at the same time

may be in the 24 century!

happy bl christmass 2425

I think the “Make an Awesome Movie” button is somewhat overrated. I imagine adding Suzanne to the scene, then using the voice operated modeling and animating features to dictate the characters and plot to Suzanne, and have her do the work. In under a couple of hours, not including render times, which would be almost instantaneous.

But then the game fanatics would want Suzanne to be upgraded so she would produce games, too… it just never ends, does it?

Well, isn´t 3.0 a milestone Ton been talking about? it went something like in version 3.0 Blender should be feature set to compete with the major autodesk suits.

Pretty much every FOSS Project is a so called “perpetual beta”. While the software isn’t necessarily a beta software anymore, due to the contribution of community developers and advance in technology be it hardware, algorithmic, or whatever, new features and functions are being added constantly. It’s in a constant state of flux.

You might as well ask when the Linux Kernel is finished, when GIMP is finished, even when Windows is finished.
Don’t be fooled, Windows never is finished although they release “finished products”

And in the case of CG, where each years SIGGRAPH and every new movie or competing major companiy with CG packages brings something new to the table its obvious that you’ll never call it finished, complete or final.

Finished software is an illusion from a time when a software calculator was the most complex thing you could write :wink:

Man, when will people completely finish with nonsense questions ?

I hope you see the irony :slight_smile:


I really don’t understand why people keep getting so upset about Blender changing. If you think it’s perfect the way it is then keep using the version that you currently use. There is nobody forcing anyone to download the latest version.

But…but… but…
The latest version can do all sorts of COOL STUFF the earlier version can’t do!!!