When will Blender Cycles fully support AMD Radeon GPUs?

When will Open CL become practical?

My AMD Radeon GPU’s just sitting here waiting.

Maybe sometime in 2030?

You are asking from the wrong place. You should email AMD and ask when their opencl implementation starts supporting large compute kernels.

If that so, AMD is so slow I might switch to Nvidia and replace that AMD monsta’!

At this point I think if 2030 or 2050 we would have something. For me I just hope AMD OpenCL LuxRender but it lacks some improvements, such as better to create theme materials make it easier telnet and noise reduction. Improvements onboard gpu and gpu card board. improvements over Compiled and implementation will of technologies to improve the rendering would not be a bad idea to implement some tressfx blender if possible.

A estas alturas creo que si para el 2030 o 2050 tendriamos algo. Para mi solo tengo la esperanza de luxrender en opencl Amd pero le falta unas mejoras , ejemplo crear mejor el tema de los materiales que sea mas facil telnet y reduccion de ruido. Mejoras de gpu tarjeta onboard y gpu placa. mejoras con respecto a Compilado y implemantacion de tecnologias para mejorar el renderizado no seria mala idea implementar algo de tressfx a blender si es posible.