When will Blender support AMD's ray tracing?

The 3.0 upgrade allows AMD to have the same speed as CUDA, but NVIDIA users often use optix, which is much faster than cuda.
The developers seem to have plans to support it, but is this something in the foreseeable future? (It seems that AMD’s active cooperation is needed)
Now that the graphics card has a serious premium, I don’t know if I should choose a more cost-effective AMD graphics card…

Blender wont suport cuda or optix, Nvidia offers these options that get integrated into blender, its not being developed or maintained by blender institution. They offer assistance and bug fixes on an allready existing tech, Nvidia activly develops CUDA and Optix.
So far AMD doesn’t realy have a good working HIP tech yet, they just test stuff on RX 6000 series, and some users report HIP working on 5000 series and maybe older. Unless AMD officialy declairs ray tracing for blender or other stuff that comes prebuild into their drivers, then Blender wont have support or activly develop such a feature.
There are more chances that a vulkan based ray tracing solution will be implemented into blender rather then we will see any good suport from AMD towards this.
And blender doesn’t activly develop such tech just for them, they will implemet an open source version and help bug fixing the tech as soon at its available.
As for AMD consider that HIP has started development in 08 Mar 2016 and its still not stable or heavily developt or ready to be implemented universaly. Think about the chance of having a ray tracing working solution from them any time soon?
AMD claims they care about creators but they have invested very very very very little resources into their claims

Thank you for your answer!
I always thought that the company sponsored the development of BF, but it doesn’t seem to be the case now. The lazy AMD is not very positive about this. Vulkan seems to be coming in two years, but it is aimed at Eevee.
It seems that I have to buy a 70% premium NVIDIA graphics card to do cycles rendering…

Try AMD’s ProRender renderer for Blender.