When will renderfarm.fi be compatible with Cycles?

Hi, I was wondering when renderfarm.fi will be compatible with Cycles. I also had an idea for renderfarm.fi:

Why not the more you contribute your CPU power, the higher priority your render is? Almost like a coin system like bitcoin, except without the scams and malware :slight_smile:

the first cycles render in renderfarm has now been done, they are looking for more vollunteers to help with the development of cycles renderfarming, i’ll be vollunteering my 8 core 4.3GHz CPU because i cant wait to get cycles render farming xD
thats a great idea btw, i could do all my modelling work etc on 2 cores and let renderfarm have the other 6, nice thinking, have you mentioned the idea to them yet? btw i know this is an old thread but since nobody else answered you i thought i should :slight_smile:

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