When will the GIMP , have that cool UI ?

so you know more less when will all those features in the GIMP UI brainstorm blog will be in ?

Hard to tell, probably wait till 3.0…:no:

Well, i use krita from time to time (it’s part of koffice / kde).

It has unified interface and pretty much all the things gimp lacks and even more, but it’s user base is rather small as it just became cross-platform and version 2 is still in the works. It lacks a bit of polishness but soon it will have it’s own site and community and things will start to scale.

wow , i’ll check it out , cause man , gimp develpment is so poor , i dont understand how they havent unified the whole program in a single window , and many other issues we all know.

If gimp dont speed up the development i would defenetly go for another program.

for me gimp altough you can do a lot of things , sucks , compared to blender , to photoshop. even to inkscape.

EDIT : shit , there’s no windoze version.

Well if you’re good with C++ or something, you can grab the source code, open it with Eclipse or something and fiddle with it.