When will the obj exporter in 2.5x be finished?

Does anyone know when the obj exporter is supposed to be finished? Many of the export options like animation and triangulate doesn’t work.


Check Blender Nation’s Meeting Minutes of 29 August 2010, they are thinking of releasing a new official Beta sometime nextweek.

But it doesn’t really mention anything about obj exporting, or when one can expect it to work.

Nobody can give you a date. There are still lots of bugs to fix, the obj export is just one of many which debateably are more important. You’ll juyst have to be patient and it will be fixed in due course.

That really is a shame. Is it totally out of the question for a private person to hire a coder to maybe finish some of these missing features in the obj exporter?

You can do whatever you want. As it’s just a python script you can just update the current exporter python code. Note that over the last few weeks the python api has been changing, so if you update the script now, there’s not guarantee that it’ll work with any later builds of blender.

Yep, Richard is right, that’s the hole concept of Blender, open-source, anyone can help improve the tool. Just beware of updates, this is a delicate stage of development for Blender, new API, many things already changed and many things yet to change.