When you install a new version of blender does it replace the old one?

…or does the old version stay installed? By sheer coincidence, every time I’ve downloaded blender it’s been on a different computer, so I don’t know.

As far as I know, it doesn’t.

Though I don’t know if it’s been changed or not, because I haven’t used the installer all that much in years (it’s always grabbing a build from graphicall or the buildbot).

Yeah I don’t think even the installer uninstalls old versions. It just installs the new version along side the older ones in folders labeled by release version.


Took a look at my Blender 2.68a install on a Windows box:
C:\Progarm Files\Blender Foundation\Blender
has blender.exe, blenderplayer.exe, a bunch of .dll files and two folders: 2.62 and 2.68
Folders 2.62 and 2.68 each have three folders: datafles, python and scripts
The blender.exe file is tagged with File version 2.68 in the file properties.

So, looks like the old version got overwritten, (I originally had 2.62 on this machine) with the new version.

Don’t even bother installing it. The portable version works the exact same way and you can have as many different versions as you want.

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