When you parent an object...

I seem to have trouble with parent one object to another, the child object will seem normal while editing but will take on some parent characteristics as soon as start game, PKEY, is pressed. It will alter it’s rotation or scale. In other cases it doesn’t do this, anyone know why?

Do constraints (in the constraints buttons) work in the game engine? ( They don’t seem to work in real time…). Is there a way to constrain an object to another object’s position without parenting or using python:

before parenting, select one object and press ctrl-a, then the other, then do the parenting. if you do not do this, the child gets the rotation/scale from the parent when starting the game.


it is kind of a bug

fix: your child object SHOULD NOT BE DYNAMIC

but what the bug is is your child object will bounce off of the world (as so it should) but the world moves oppsite the parent of that object.

they don’t
yes, that is possible, but why not make the other object a child of the first?

thank you, I had no idea