When you UV map via the Textures Image how

do you change the __________ so that the image covers the whole object instead of maping to each face on it?

Also, how do you use the procedural textures with uv textures? Do they have to be baked to use them? (I think Ive been through this before and am sorry)

Thanks very much, I really appreciate the help.

the missing underlined word is UV Map. from my terminology, a UV Texture=UV Map + optional (Image Texture). UV Map = many sets of {UV Coordinates}. A single UV Coordinate=Vertex ID & UV Coordinate spec (U,V). So, a vertex is XYZ space is assocated with one or more UV locations on a texture.

The way you change the location of the UV’s is by either Grabbing and moving them, or by re-unwrapping. They are initially defined when you enter UV Face Select mode, where each vertex is assocated with n UV coordinates in what is called Reset mapping, where n is the number of poles. For example, a vertex could serve as the corner point for 32 faces in the case of the North pole of a UV Sphere. Since each face is mapped to the image texture, that vertex has 32 UV coordinates, one for each face mapped.

So, It cant be done, really unless you use the uv image editor and map it and apply the image there.

There isnt a way to do it when using a texture image in the texture view. Is that correct?

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correct. think about it. Suzanne’s monkey head and all her bizzarrely shaped faces. A square or rectangular image. no match. Better yet, and this would REALLY be FUN TO TRY AT HOME WITHOUT ADULT SUPERVISION: Take a cloth napkin or towel and wrap your cat in it perfectly. The napkin is the image, and the cat is the mesh. Use safety pins where appropriate, and have no towel left over and no cat part unwrapped.

Hey, this is a great illustration of UV-mapping and perhaps a useful addition to the wiki? :smiley:
You could then reveal the Zen of UV: How the UV-map is neither the cat (mesh) nor is it the towel (texture), but the relation between them. Or the cat-shaped stain, a bit more tangible…

ititrx, why would you want to create a UV-map without watching your work in an image window? Sounds a bit like a blind flight to me…:smiley:


has anyone seen my cat? I just tried to do the towel wrap thing and got him pretty much covered but then my friend called and we got to playing his latest modded Halo2 and i think I remember my mom said something about doing the laundry…wait, did she want ME to do the laundry or did she say SHE was doing the laundry…hmmmm…what’s that howling sound.?..?..but hey, i really understand UV now.

ititrx, why would you want to create a UV-map without watching your work in an image window? Sounds a bit like a blind flight to me…:smiley:

Well, using the instruments only can be very calming, or should I say totally inside oneself? LOL.

Its just so easy, what can I say.

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