Where and how to start with Python.

Hello community.

I have a simple question or I hope it is…?

I want a deeper understand of Blender game engine (because it rawks! :ba:) But I also want to extend the knowledge with python scripting, I can find hundreds of python tutorials on google, That isn’t a problem, But my question is: Do I need to start with the Beginners tutorials (like the very basics) or is there something more GE specific? That goes over more commonly used functions for use in the BGE.

Any feed back would be great! and Oh, Thanks again!

btw: I’m an artist. :spin:

Hi, the general tutorials are useful, especially to a non-programmer, because you get introduced to the language and the intricacies of programming before you start learning the internals of Blender’s Python API/BGE. I think that’s good because -in the long run- you get more out of the time you’ve spent learning Python. Just my opinion…

I totally recomend this book:

How to think like a Computer Scientist, Learning with Python 2nd Edition

to get the hang of Python and Object Oriented Programming. And it is FREE!

Thanks guys, I’ll take a look again at some of the basics like you said nikosg, Oh and Cosimo_0 I’ve definitely booked marked that link :yes:

Thank you again!

I would recommend you become familiar with the Blender Python API. Basically you’ll want to import the Blender module and start from there:

import Blender

#rest of code

You can find MOST of the documented modules and functions here:

There are some undocumented functions, but nothing a beginner really needs to start learning.

Thanks BrianH, I’ll keep practicing and hopefully I’ll learn something hehe