Where are all my objects?


I got some pretty annoying issues with Blender.
I’m new to animating so it could be something stupid that I’ve done.
I was making a model of a minecraft guy by watching a tutorial and I saved it a few times by hitting ctrl+s and
hitting that text where it says ‘are you sure?’ or something.
When that guy was finished I was keyframing the movement of my camera.
I was busy copying the degrees from one keyframe and pasted it in an other keyframe.
That made my camera look into the ‘emptyness’ which is as it should be, so that was good.
But when I hit ‘insert keyframe’ it only showed up the title ‘insert keyframe menu’ and I didn’t had any options.
Then I looked back at my scene and all my objects were gone!
Though at that right-above corner I see the names of all my objects and they are all setted as visible.
I closed blender and opened again and my beginning screen wasn’t that cube with the lamp and the camera
but it was my project with all the objects but without the keyframed camera.
I personally think that’s because I hitted ‘set as default’ in the user preferences before I started keyframing,
but I’m not sure what that does.
In this beginning screen I don’t have that keyframe issue but my minecraft guy is pink, which I find weird.
Now when I open the file where I started having that keyframe issue, it still has that issue and I still don’t see any
Can anyone explain me what happened/Help me resolve this please?

Thanks for reading and sorry if my English was bad (I’m Dutch).
Greetings, Havid (my nickname).

I feel really really dumb now: It seems I accidently hit a number and it went to a different layer.
Still: does that ‘set as default’ in the user preferences cause the different begin screen?
And I still wonder what caused that keyframe problem.
I worked further on that begin screen and saved that one now.

Hitting “save as default” saved the current .blend file and all the settings as the default startup file that will load every time you start blender.

Could go file -> load factory settings to get the default settings back again and then save user settings to get back to having the original .blend each time. That would be easiest way, but you need to set up your preferences again.

Other way would be to load factory settings and save the scene with the default cube as something.blend then start a new file which will have your settings and open that .blend file with the “Load UI” options unchecked. and then save the user settings.

Check the outliner for your object… 3 little icons to the right of the name, renderability, selectabilty and visibility. Hidden objects will have the eye icon grayed out. Alt + H will unhide objects that have been hidden in view with H.

Other possibility is that of being in “local view” - observe the top left of the 3D, and if it say “Local view” you know you need to press numpad / to leave local view.

Also check which layers are visible in the 3D view. The 20 small boxes on the header of the 3D view (at the bottom) are the scene layers currently visible. Can turn them on / off by clicking or shift + clicking on them.

If you need to share your .blend file, upload it to www.pasteall.org/blend and then give the link, this would help diagnose the issue if you can’t fix it from what I write here.

Good luck.