Where are all the good 2.7x Cycles Smoke Tutorials?

Where are all the good 2.7x Cycles Smoke Tutorials?

Everytime i want to try out making some cool smoke in Blender 2.7x Cycles(2.74-2.75)
I start searching the net and YouTube, But i can´t find any good for 2.7x,

  • when im lucky to find any good, they´re made in 2.5-2.69

I have tried too many times to get stuck in the middle of a tutorial, with a setting that has changed in the version i am using, it is frustrating.

So where are they? Do they exists?


  1. I would like to create 5 aeroplanes flying across the screen, with smoke coming out of the rear, with different colors on each plane.
  2. Explosions - like bombs.
  3. Artistic smoke with different colors “blending” together

I really hope someone can provide me with links to Youtube or alike.


The only good one I’ve seen for 2.7 is Blender Guru: https://www.blenderguru.com/tutorials/make-fire-cycles/ which gives you a bunch of tips for getting started with the smoke simulation, although it’s probably not as advanced as you want. It should give you enough info to get started though, and then you can start doing things like animating your emitters, or adding force fields, or things like that.

I’m not convinced the smoke engine would really allow you to do have multiple colours for smoke - the colour of the smoke is applied by the material at render. Not convinced you can have two smoke sources in the same simulation with different materials. I’m pretty sure you can have two separate smoke simulations in the same scene with different colours, but since they’d be different simulations they wouldn’t be able to interact with each other (e.g. blending smoke together).