Where are all the scripts at?

Sorry to trouble you guys with this, but I was just looking for Blender scripts on the official Blender website, and although I found pages and pages of DESCRIPTIONS of the script files, I never once saw a single button anywhere that said “download this script”. Please don’t call me stupid but what’s going on here? I feel like I’m being teased to death or something. I just spend the last 3 hours trying to find ONE script (“UV image export”) that I finally had to get a friend to email to me because I could not find it anywhere on the internet. Where do all you guys normally get your Blender scripts from? Cos I’m stuck here emailing friends hoping that I’m going to get my scripts through blind freaking luck :eek:

You can download them here:-

I notice some of them don’t have download links. I guess that is because they are either bundled with Blender, or just no longer available.