Where are Blender's addons kept on OSX machines?

Hi all,

Working on a script and I need to know where blender’s addons are kept on OSX machines. On a linux machine, they are stored in blender’s folder in the 2.6x/scripts/addons folder. On my windows machine, they are stored in the 2.62\scripts\addons folder and they are also stored in the Application Data\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.6x\scripts\addons folder as well.

Don’t ask me why, but any script installed thru user preferences is added to the latter folder, not the actual application folder that contains blender, on a windows machine. As a side note, installing them thru user prefs on linux, they may get stored in some other folder, haven’t tried that, but I will, can anyone comment on that?

So if a OSX user could open the python console in blender and enter this:


and paste the results to this thread, it would be really helpful!!!


Locate your blender binary. Right click and choose show package content. If you navigate the Macos folder it’s right inside there like in the linux and win version.

Mac applications are nothing more than a fancy folder :slight_smile:

Thanks gianmichele, so addons are stored inside the application folder just like linux & windows machines, but not to a second folder like windows if it’s installed thru user preferences?

I really need to buy a Mac to check on cross platform stuff, but when it comes to this, I’m kind of stuck in a paradox. I can afford a used Mac mini, but if I spend that kind of money (couple hundred dollars) on another computer, I’d want to be able to use it on my render farm. But I doubt a Mac mini would stand up to rendering for a week solid, therefore I think I should buy a Mac Pro so I can render with it, but those are out of my price range… <sigh>


They can be at two places:

  1. In Blender.app

  2. ~/Library/Application Support/Blender/2.62 (~ = user Folder)

(Don’t know when it goes where though…=


[’/blender-build/blender-cmake/bin/Release/blender.app/Contents/MacOS/2.62/scripts/addons’, ‘/Volumes/MacintoshBig/DATA/Users/bashi/Library/Application Support/Blender/2.62/scripts/addons’]

PS: A Mac Mini might just run fine rendering a week… I Render on several different Macbooks (non and pro :wink:

@gianmichele: it appears so, but lot of apps put something in your Library…

Thanks bashi, I’ll have to double check on linux too now I guess to see if installing an addon via user prefs stores the addon in some other folder as well. This will make my scripting a bit tougher…