Where are keyframes for nodes represented in the dopesheet?

I have set a series of keyframes to a value on a texture node. The desired effect is being achieved, but I cannot find those keyframes in the dopesheet, graph editor, or timeline. The intended effect is happening in animation (fading between two materials in this particular instance) and the value field in the UI is changing color appropriately (green indicating the field has keyframes, tan on the frame that holds the keyframe). The only way I have found to adjust these keyframes is by remembering where I put them and manually tracking to that frame, right clicking on the value, selecting delete, and then re-placing the keyframe somewhere else. I believe the ability to add keyframes to node values is new for 2.5x, maybe this is an incomplete feature. I found a toggle in the dopesheet for node animation keyframe display, but it doesn’t seem to help. I asked this question in the animation forum and didn’t hear anything back after a week or so, figure I’ll pose the question to this forum and see if I have better luck. Thanks!

Does the keyframe appear in the Fcurve editor when you add it? I have had problems with the dopesheet displaying stuff in the past too. You may need to fire off a bug report.

No keyframes show up in any of the modules that show off keyframes (dopesheet, fcurve, timeline). I found another thread from a few months ago that talks about the issue. I think they decided it was a bug, not sure if anyone submitted a report. It seems that keyframes done in the compositing nodes will show up but keyframes done in material nodes will not.

Submitted a bug report, got a response saying it is a fairly complex fix and that they hope to have it fixed for 2.59 in August.