Where are my ao and z depth?


Why only black and white?

depth values are numerical and have to be mapped to a visual range via map value and color ramp nodes or a normalize node (which treats the objects in a render layer as if their near and far visual ranges are the range of the entire scene…making them useless for depth combining purposes). You don’t actually need these mapped to a visual range unless you’re planing on using these files in another compositing program. If you still want t see the values simply open a uv/image editor window, select the render result as the viewing source, and look in the window’s header hwere you’ll find a button specifically for that purpose.

As far as the AO is concerned you still need to enable it in the world buttons (F8). Other than that you may need to grab another build.

Thanks, just what I needed to know :yes:

I got ConceptArt.org’s 3D Previz videos yesterday and I’m trying a couple of their techniques. Need to get the Z depth and AO into GIMP.

:smiley: Thought you might be interested in knowing how to use the Map Value node to color your zbuffer data into something visual…

The hard part after that is guessing what value to give to offs and size. It’s really cryptic to me…


http://paprmh.googlepages.com/zbuf_float : for nodes

http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=80020 : plugin for the vse