Where are the docs for 2.5 located?

Looks like it’s time to get back into everything. I was waiting for the dust to clear. Now, where are those docs!

Please and thank you.

The documentation for 2.5 is not complete yet. But what is done is located at http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.5/Manual. Enjoy!

The Beta/Alpha 1 target (not sure what it’s going to be called) is intended to be ‘stable for documentation’. At this stage, things are changing around a bit too much to make it worth while. We may also have some new tools for documenting from within Blender’s UI by then, so writers have held off for the time being.

So expect to see the docs get going some time after beta1.

Oooooo it’s really nice to see a huge list of features old and new in that page.

Now just have to fill it up. i’ll see if I can help there abouts. Thank you both.