Where are the GP Layers?

According to the Blender 2.79 manual the above image shows what the GP layers look like, found in the Properties panel to the right (N).

But the only layers I’m finding are the ones below:

Thanks guys

GP layers are now in properties editor along with material properties etc.

Do you mean somewhere here?

Sorry did not see your reply because you did not answer to me specifically, so there was no notification. Surely you’ve found it by now, but in case you didn’t :

No, this is the tool options, aka the 3dview sidebar. The properties editor is another editor, the one that houses modifiers, scene settings, etc.
I’ll redirect you to the blender manual which explains all the interface lingo, so everyone is on the same page when helping one another.

Oh sorry you’ve been to the manual already. Maybe it’s not up to date then, wouldn’t be the first time…

It has to be this one!
Screenshot from 2020-08-23 21-45-37

Thank you Hadriscus :slight_smile: