Where are the modeling tools?

I’m coming over from Modo as I hear a lot of great things about Blender. I used it a little in the past and I’m getting into 2.5x. My only question is, where are all of the modeling tools? It seems like all I have is extrude and loop slice. No polygon or edge bevels? I’m a little worried my adventure into Blender will be cut short. :frowning:

Start here:

Check the Add-ons… In particular search for loop Tools and interactive inset addons - these provide some functionality. Modelling (particularly box modelling) isn’t as strong as Modo however. It’s not terrible and BMesh is on it’s way which should add most of the tools you are looking for. Wings3d and this [plug]plugin[/plug] is another option

Sad but true. For an app that touts itself as an entire 3D content creation suite, Blender’s modelling capabilities are among its weakest points. Hopefully BF will soon begin throwing significant resources at BMesh rather than continuing to waste time on all the stuff that plays with the models. Though we have been waiting years for that, so not holding my breath. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for your help. I think I’m going to hold off on Blender for the time being. Modo’s modeling tools are by far more developed than Blender’s. It would be hard to give up the power that Modo’s modeling tools provide. Of course, Blender also has areas much stronger than Modo (animation comes to mind). Perhaps I’ll revisit Blender when BMesh is completed and basic modeling tools are provided.

I don’t know how Blender compares with other programs, but there still are more modeling tools than those two. For instance, I’m positive that it has edge bevel. I do find the tools difficult to find on the 2.5 version (click the tiny + sign at the left of the screen, and the W key always opens a few more options) but they’re still there, and most of the keyboard shortcuts are still valid.

Blender is a descent enough modeller. But Modo (modelling is Modo’s strongest aspect) and other options are better, particularly for box style modelling. There are some modelling workflows that work really well with Blender (watch the recent female modelling videos on blender cookie for example).

There have been some tools added as addons recently and BMesh currently being tested so the situation is improving. In the meantime I don’t see a problem with modelling in another program and using Blender for skinning rigging and animating.

That is what I am doing right now. I am going through Wings3D tutes right now and starting to use it exclusively for my modeling. Wow. It is quite intuitive to use compared to Blender, and the depth and breadth of modeling tools and functionality compared to Blender is almost overwhelming. It feels a bit like being thrown from the barren desert into the middle of the dense jungle. :slight_smile: