Where are the moderators?

I have been a member since early this week and have been awaiting moderation for every comment. I can’t even participate in discussions none of my comments have been approved

Same problem here.

Typically a post doesn’t take more than 24 hours to work its way through the moderation queue. Every now and again, however, it takes longer. From the looks of things, all of your posts have been approved. And since you have more than 10 approved posts, you should be good to go now.

Thanks @Fweeb

Another question Fweeb since I got you here lol Do only mods get signatures?

I am not a moderator.

Anyone can have a sig. Just click on “settings” at the top and scroll down until you reach “edit signature”.

Other folks have answered already, but no, signatures are not just for mods. Once you’re through the auto-moderation period, you should be able to set up your own signature as well. Just bear in mind that we do have rules regarding sigs here… namely, no images, and only up to 3 lines of text.

Just joined also and make maritime routes in Blender, some for dowload. But to just to add another post and will see if this post goes on. Two posts now (maybe).

Thanks for putting the post on and my homepage link also works

Hey gang,

I posted twice yesterday, and once today in the same thread regarding Blender and UE4. I’m an Epic Games employee and am hoping to help out the community. Now, I’m worried that I have duplicate posts and similar content posts all in the same thread, but nothing has shown up. Is there some way for me to get help with this? Should I make 10 random posts to get around the lock in this case? Any help or info would be awesome. Thank you!


Don’t sweat duplicate posts. The moderation team can handle the clean-up on that. As per the FAQ, the forum works best when you participate with all of it. I’d suggest looking through the Support forums and see if there are any threads that you can help out in.