where are the new softbody (CVS) features?

well …
to avoid confusion i did some screen shots
see http://mosebjorn.altervista.org/newsb/
have fun

ack… that “collision” button moved to SB_II panel
update 2006.11.11 :slight_smile:

bjornmose, very cool! For interested blenderheads, a fun (I think) experiment, would be to tweak the softbody setup on proog in the dance scenes and see how well it can go; the previous simulaiton required hours of manual tweaking after the simulation to fix all the areas it went wrong. I’m not suggesting redoing that, rather, seeing what a good simulation can do right now without any post work.
I’m tempted to do it myself, but I don’t think I’ll have time to get to it for at least a couple of weeks.

Dude!! That’s just cool!

that “collision” button is very confusing.
is it used only to show and hide more buttons,
or does it mean that when it’s down collision is used, when it’s up collision is not used? and if it’s down, are those buttons that disappear affecting at all?

if it’s what i think it is, used only to show more buttons, then maybe a new tab instead of a toggle button like that.


hum … well, yes first i thought i could do it like the “bake” buttons, then it suddenly evolved to be a “poor man’s garbage panel”. So the “collision” button only toggles visibility of the other controls. Im also not sure if sooo many collsion ball calculation methods are needed.
I promise to give the UI some more thoughts before next release.

have fun