Where are the Premultiply in VSE?????

hey all here… i’m wondering whether its a bug or they removed Premultiply option in Video Sequence Editor…???
Any one know about this???

is in the right panel in subpanel “filter”. You have selected the strip

Hi Mate, it was there in right panel upto blender 2.65, after 2.65.1 & further release there is no premultiply option in VSE :frowning: . Now i’m using 2.65.9 r54186 blender still now its not yet fixed. check it out.

there have been recent changes to how blender handles transparency… apparently blender will now assume any 8bit images are straight and any float images are premul and convert automatically when necessary. personally, I am not sure this is an improvement… I liked having the option -> premultiplied pngs are not standard but I have run into many pngs that were

Thanks dude…