Where are the Proper Build Instructions?

I’ve tried following the directions in the wiki as well as those in a video tutorial I found, but when I execute the svn command to get a local copy of the libraries, it runs for a while (quite a while, in fact) before it times out and dies.

My system:
MSI GE72 2QF Apache Pro (stock)
Windows 10 (as up-to-date as Microsoft demands it to be)

Software tools:

  • those recommended in the wiki and
  • VS Community 2017

Why would svn time out?
Are the wiki instructions up to date?
If not, where can I find some that are?

Also, are the wiki instructions for building 2.8 or 2.79?

Don’t know why it would time out, instructions are good, but you’ll end up building 2.79 master I believe, at least that’s what I ended up doing following the instructions. I have been looking for instructions to build 2.8 with no luck.

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Both times I had to get the libs it would error out. You just have to deal with it until it finishes. The first time it errored out maybe 10 times, this last time was probably 50. Luckily, you shouldn’t have to do it often. Do a “Cleanup” and then “Update” to continue.

Here’s a thread that might help. Pretty easy to switch branches. You would replace “uv_unwrapping_slim_algorithm” with “blender2.8”.

@AFWS: Is there no way, once it times out, to continue from that point instead of having to clean and start over?

Did you read my reply or check out the link I posted? Doing a “Cleanup” and “Update” lets it continue where it stopped. You might post on the thread in the link and let them know this is still a issue.

Oh! I guess I read it wrong. Thanks, @AFWS.

Yup. I definitely read it wrong. (sigh)

Should this line

git submodule foreach git checkout master

Say this?

git submodule foreach git checkout 2.8

Because the master is 2.79 master I believe

@ajm: There’s a video for building 2.8. Perhaps that will help?

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@AFWS: I’m just getting to trying to download the libs again. You said “post on the thread in the link and let them know this is still a [sic] issue” but I have no idea where you mean or who ‘they’ are.

Thanks. I had to watch the vid twice sine there was a minor step that I missed, but it worked like a charm.

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Svn downloaded the libs and it only died once, so I feel lucky.

Thanks again for your help, @AFWS.

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Okay, I’ve finished my little project. What I’ve done is update the confirmQuit dialog, adding a third option to save changes before quitting.

It’s a bit rough around the edges and I’m sure I’ve violated a few BF coding conventions, but it does work. Windows only, I’m afraid. I have no access to a Mac or a Linux box.

Now, where/how do I submit this for review/acceptance? I have no knowledge of revision control systems (when I learned programming, there were none and I’ve done very little coding since) so if someone could talk me through it, I’ll get it in front of someone from BF.

You should really learn the basics of git to be able to work effectively with the code base…

Anyway, here are some simple steps you can do if you did not commit the code yet.

  1. Open a terminal in the blender folder.
  2. Run git diff and copy the output.
  3. Go to developer.blender.org and click on “Submit Code”.
  4. Paste your diff and fill out all the rest.

You’ll still be able to change the patch afterwards.


@Jacques_Lucke: I just followed your instructions, but I think I need more detailed instructions…

Do I run it as: git diff > diff.file

Or am I supposed to select/copy from the terminal window and then paste into a file?

Output stopped after a colon. Does that mean it’s waiting for me to tell it I’ve got that much so it can spit out the rest or is something else going on?

Never mind. I figured it out. It really has been a long time since I’ve done anything like this. A bit of a mind-bender, I have to say.

For anyone else who may happen across this in the future, the link above should be: developer.blender.org

oops, fixed the link.

With a little bit more effort you can automate all that stuff. E.g. when I added a feature in a separate branch I just have to type arc diff, provide some more info and it will upload everything automatically.

However you should learn to use git before that. It’s really not that hard.

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@Jacques_Lucke: Again, thanks very much for your help and advice. Also, thanks for fixing the link.

And I’ll have to look up this ‘arc diff’ stuff, too.