where are the render settingsin 2.5?

im new to the 2.5 beta and i cant find the render settings.

thanks for any help

im working in the sequence editor BTW

All the render settings are under the render tab. Expand the sub panels with the little triangles next to the panel names, the settings are all clear if you’ve used blender 2.4x

BTW, “Do Composite” and “Do Sequence” are under post processing. (It does make more sense than under animation)

is there aa way to open the render options up in the video editing section?

BTW thanks a lot for the past 12 hours. ive gone fro being clueless to now im startin 2 get into camer tracking with voodoo. you guys are a lot of help. along with youtube :smiley:

new issue

targd my video
mocapd wih voodoo
saved as python script
opened in blender
but when i click run script i get an error. at the topit say" Python script fail. Look in the console for now…

although, when i run the script in Blender 2.49 it works

2.49 scripts don’t run in 2.5

The best option is to save the camera IPO curves with 2.49 then import to 2.5 - or just use 2.49…

ill just use 2.49 :smiley: