Where are the settings for AO pass in Cycles?

I can’t find settings for the Ambient occlusion pass. Like Distance and Sample. Where is it?

You can pass the ambient occlusion node (which has the settings) as a shader AOV and use that in the “Passes” section which will let you use it in the comp.

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In Blender 3.x (Idk who thought this was a good idea)


Can you give more detailed insurctions, I did not understand.

“this was a good idea”
yeah, but other options don’t work.

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Im saying the devs moved it do a dumb spot so now people have to make posts on Blender Artists asking where to find it. It used to be in the world settings which made a little bit more sense


So the thing here is that to customize my AO pass, “Fast GI approximation” has to be turned on? God blender does somethings extremely good but other stuff is hella confusing coming from another 3d software…

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