Where are the Shortcuts

in Blender 2.8?
I know many shortcuts change actually but I look for shortcuts not even implemented.
For example:
Ctrl + U Save startup file
Ctrl + Alt + U Open Preferences
Alt + F11 Toggle Full Screen
You can find it in search but it seams they are not in the keymap, you cant add new or the old shortcuts.
I do not often change keymap (was not necessary), may I miss something.

Ceers, mib

You need to set them yourself or using the legacy keymap from 2.7x.

Hi, this is the problem, I cant set them.
Search for preferences in keymap, nothing show up.
I want use the 2.7 keymap anymore, all following manuals and tutorials for 2.8 were use 2.8 keymap. Went familiar with the new one lately.

Thanks for the reply, mib

The easiest way is to find them outside the User Preferences and set them that way. Like open the Edit menu and right-click on Preferences and add a shortcut that way. Toggle Fullscreen is found under the Window menu and Save Startup File under the file menu.

F3 calls up the Operator Search now which at least allows you to see all commands whether they have a shortcut assigned or not, and gives you a clue under which part of Blender’s UI they can be found.

Hi, many thanks for the right-click advice.
Added shortcuts show up in search now.
Now I can work smooth again. :slight_smile:

Cheers, mib

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