Where are the UI scripts for the file browser ?


i found the “space_filebrowser.py” that contains the header part !
i found the bookmarks and recents files into config folder !

but i don’t found where is the file that contains the panels : system/bookmarks/recents !

i’m trying to add a new panel to that windows for project management !
please, if you know…

by the way, is there any to interest you to get a special panel in the file browser that help user to manage assets and datas for production !?
maybe with a shared folder and real-time update !


i really try to find it but no result, all def of functionnalities are there but not the Ui panels !

please, help !

I usually just mouse over a UI element to find the name and then use grep to find the file where it’s defined.

Campbell even wrote a super-fancy grep wrapper that’s on the wiki somewhere, haven’t tried it meself though.

Hé ! i didn’t know about grep !!! nice one !

anyway, it says that there is no found of file.bookmark_add(), wich is in the file browser panel !?
So…what to do, maybe it’s no exist :smiley:

right, i still continue to search !