Where are this texture defects coming from?

I am remotely new to Blender. I caught a common idea what it is all about, but I don’t understand some details. Now, I am working on my Texturing skills and I stumbled upon a problem with UV Unwraping I believe.

Where are those straight horizontal and vertical “outofplace” lines of texture coming from? Is it because my UV Unwraping isn’t done properly?

Is it because my UV Unwraping isn’t done properly?
Most probably. If you unwrap correctly it will give you exactly what you want but you have not supplied a download link to your .blend file and texture to check.
We don’t know it you have multiple UV maps or different materials applied to the objects faces or if you’re using some mapping other than the UVs

Select the faces that don’t look correct and look how the face is mapped on the texture

Sorry, for so many link, but I didn’t want to zip it. When I am looking at my unwraping I can select the faces that aren’t correct, but I they don’t differ in position or in anything else from other “Correct” faces.

My blend files:

My textures: (I guess, only the color one is important in this case?)

Also, routinely, check for “doubles,” overlapping geometry, and for any faces that might, say, have normals facing the wrong way.

A temporary texture, such as a “numbered checkerboard,” is also useful for chasing-down problems like this one. Such a texture has no apparent-detail of its own, so it becomes easier to visually discover places where the underlying geometry might have issues.