Where are you from, people?

Just a curiosity…
Any one knows some statistics form elysiun.com, like how many registered people came from what countrie?
It’s my curiosity to know how many Brazilians, Englishs, Spanishs, North americans, Frenchs, germans, japaneses and other people uses elysiun…
It’s a way to see the extends of our comunity… :wink:

I am in Canberra, Australia.

Boise, Idaho, USA :smiley:

currently menomonie wisconsin usa
but i live in hildesheim niedersachsen germany since i study there.

huh will be in ohio in a year for my grad degree

Milwaukee, Wisconsin. :smiley:

Montreal area, Quebec, Canada



Sydney, Australia

Verona, Italy.

Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Brisbane, Australia … Go the Aussies!!

Belo horizonte, minas Gerais, Brazil

Thanks for reply…

The site administrator can keep this sortie of statistic… I see not only me can interest in this type of fun information. No need for identification… :-?

ops… a wrong smile… :wink: :wink: :wink:

Florece, Italy, and this is off topic :stuck_out_tongue:

move it in Elysiun Chat


I’m in Norway, a small place called Flateby just outside Oslo. :wink:

Hans Petter

South pacific

New Zealand

hmm, this is not the first time or nor it will be the last either that people asks these questions, but since people are curious, I come frome Malmö - Sweden…it is just across Denmark, just a bridge apart, and Copenhagen on the other side of it, takes me 45 by train to be in central Copenhagen :slight_smile:

and yes, off topic :slight_smile: /me nods to S68


im from Poland living in stuttgart, germany :smiley: - well no, actually :frowning:

naaaahhhh…just kidding. ive lived here all my life so i got used to all those germans running around! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cambridge, Ontario - Canada

It’s about 40 minutes drive South-West of Toronto.


Hamburg, Germany