Where are you from

where is most of the members of elysiun from

I suppose I’m a dead beat citizen of nowhere, seeing as the world these days consists only of the UK and the US. %|

Please fix the poll.

[edit] quick fix %|

americans are the best

I wouldn’t say we’re the best … but I think we’re pretty cool :slight_smile:

I don’t know how the rest of the community (non U.S. and UK) is going to feel about being delegated to “Somewhere else”.

this is another way overdone off-topic topic…

try searching next time…

im from the United States of America…


US. You get the idea which of the states.

Hmm, lemme guess…one of the red ones?

what super stupid poll is this?
uk, us somewhere else
thats so ridiculous, LOL

You’re way off. Us Canadians kick ass. Especially at hockey. And our beer is better. What else…

You’re way off. Us Canadians kick ass. Especially at hockey. And our beer is better. What else…[/quote]

Canadian beer sucks!

Envisiones the riot from Michael Moore’s film Canadian Bacon when John Candy says that

LMAO! I totally forgot about that in the movie.

BTW, I am a true Canuck, all the way. :smiley:


I made this retarded topic.im from the us…it sucks.

Umm… JediJapan, you kind of forgot a few… continents…

I’m an Aussie.

BTW, LMFAO at that IQ and politics thing eric linked to.

Also LMAO at the fact that the average IQ of Mississippi is 85 or whatever it was. The average IQ is 15 below the normal average!!! No offence to anybody from Mississippi…

sorry i forgot every other country in the world im just a little lazy :< and i dont know how to spell them


And there was already another thread for the same thing, yet better.

check the dates…he copied me 8)


dude not cool…you ruined my life…jk.look im a lazy 13 year old.instead of looking for it why not ask.plus what if there are new people.