Where Blender truncates the name of the object?

Hello everyone!

I have a problem – the name of the object in Blender can not contain more than 64 characters. When I import my FBX file in Blender, the names of the objects are cut off, which is unacceptable in my case.

I have a XML file in which the full name of the object corresponds to the sequence number. I want to replace the names of the items on their sequence number. How to do it?

I started looking in files FBX import (…\Blender\2.75\scripts\addons\io_scene_fbx). But can’t find the place where the names of the objects are cut off. In order to replace the complete name of the object on the sequence number, I need to get the full element name (without cutting). In scripts (…\Blender\2.75\scripts\addons\io_scene_fbx) elements have cropped the name. Maybe I’m wrong.