Where can I buy 3D model of a spaceship ?

I need to get a 3D model of a spaceship for production. I sure can make one myself, but I don’t have time. I need it in .blend or .obj format. Something like a huge transport / military vessel. Does any one know websites I can look at for such model and buy it?

Thank you.


Or try a free one. http://www.blendswap.com/ so long as the license fits.

can’t find nothing on TurboSquid :frowning:

I did come accross some star trek/star wars websites with space models. Maybe you can try to “google” this.

Blender can import other formats too eg *.3ds, so don’t limit your search to just two formats.

I recommend shipyard on blendswap:

It’s a kitbashing way to build up ships quick

Deleted post. Posted same link as LiquidApe.

wow, that’s cool ! Thank you guys!