Where can I buy blender models ???

Hi to all!

I will begin a project but the time that I have is short . . . very short so I’m looking where to buy blender models to use Yafray. More Especific Funtiture!

I will pass this info to the interior designer and he will decide wish models to buy.

I want blender models , I know that I can import form max and 3ds but they need to be alter and I do not have the time to invest it.

Thanks to all

There is the model reposity for free


I know that site but is not enough but Thanks

You can buy models on TurboSquid, but I think its selection of Blender models is a bit lacking.

Just put a pic or a drawing here of what you want modelled and you’ll be surprised at how quickly users will volunteer. Just set up a system so everyone knows what’s already being worked on so you don’t get 162 tables and 3 chairs.



Furniture you say, try www.furnish.net, register and they have a vast amount of designer furniture models in 3D DXF format.


I will love to try it but I did not found where to register, Can you tell me where to?

Fligh %, like a price contest? and if that so , how mutch will be ok for lets said a nice cauch? uhmmm


No, volunteer… free… like Blender.

There are 2 threads in the last week “I’ve run out of ideas”, “I need inspiration”, and there are lots of people who enter the Weekend Contest. Just post a pic and say “Can someone please make this couch for me?” and then when 6 people volunteer you’ll have to say “Okay, Tweety and Rufus are doing the couch but you others can work on the chairs, the table, the coffeepot”.

Also contact Apollux, Alltaken or Fweeb and ask if you can have some of the models from “the muffin projest”.


I just modeled/imported a few funiture models
I wanted to share them after I finish my work but If anybody needs them then it is ok for me to share them now. They are not top quality though.
I wish we had an organised library only for furniture.

PD: they are lot of people doing indoors with yafray who could help.

Hi again!

Well it seam that my boss want to buy a library and custumice so thanks to the wonder of internet I found someone that can help me with those.



Alvaro, Thanks for try to shere your work I realy apreciate. Maybe some day I could do something good enought to offer you my work.

Fligh %, If it was not so rush I will take your idea without thinking. But I’m afraid thats not the case :frowning:

yellow, I will Contunue to try to enter to that page but I realy could use some help on it.