Where can I download Blender 2.76b?

I have 2.77, but there are “issues” …

Every link on blender.org (that I can find) which promises 2.76 or 2.76b links only to 2.77.

Other sites from Google also do the same.

Is there any way to actually download 2.76b?

Thanks for any help.

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See here
I’m not convinced, though, that reverting to 2.76b will solve your issues. I take it you’re referring to your “planks” thread?

Well, working with large amounts of objects and large scenes in general has never been exactly nirvana in Blender - and you’re trying to do a rigid body sim on 55,000 objects…

This is supposed to get better with any new version, so reverting back might actually be a step in the wrong direction.

Actually, the same SYSTEM-WIDE slow-down issues do not occur in 2.76b, only in 2.77 here. (Obviously I found the download to 2.76b.)

There are other users who are experiencing slow-downs in 2.77 also …

Regarding large numbers of objects in Blender, I have seen many times more objects than this in rigid-body sims animated on YouTube, so it can’t be as impossible as it is in 2.77 …

… here’s to 2.77a … :+)