where can i download yafaray 0.1.2 beta for ubuntu 12.10 64-bit

i want to download yafaray for ubuntu 12.10, but i found some build in graphicall.org most of them are old and not working in bleder 2.65.8

Anyone using yafaray please give the link.

If there isn’t a recent version from the link then there most likely isn’t one.

As Richard said, there isn’t one. Currently Yafaray is built to work with the official Blender release 2.65a.

However, there is an experimental exporter for 2.65.3 which you can download from the developers github page:- https://github.com/povmaniaco/Blender-Exporter

But if you have questions about Yafaray, why are you asking here instead of at yafaray.org ?

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