where can i find a free mesh of a mig 23 that i can import into blender.

where can i find a free mesh of a mig 23 that i can import into blender. i want it to be fairly high quality/accuracy/detail, texturing would be nice if the model does not have all the details on it. the mesh will need to be organised so that only very simple modification is needed to join the parts together so that the wings can swing back and forth( i am not very good with blender yet). i found this meshhttp://
http://thefree3dmodels.com/stuff/aircraft/mig_23_flogger/15-1-0-3337 but i cannot manage to rotate the landing gear doors to close them properly( i mean perfectly snapped vertex to vertex, i find it so annoying when there are vertexes very close to each other but not in the same place(probably as i am experienced with sketchup)) or rotate the ailerons to put them in the “inflight” position, there are also some annoyingly aligned parts on the leading edge of the wing which should be snapped to it). if anyone knows where i can find a free mesh of similar or better quality( it must be importable into blender) i would be grateful, if not i would also be very grateful if anyone could help sort out the mesh i have mentioned, i can send you the current blend file where i have tried but failed to attach the ailerons/landing doors correctly and some images of what the plane would look like with the parts correctly arranged. ( a good model of a mig 27 would be alright if one of the mig 23 cannot be found.)
any help would be appreciated, thank you.http://media.moddb.com/cache/images/groups/1/1/173/thumb_620x2000/Mig-23-3.jpg

Unless I imported this wrong, it wasn’t rigged or anything so modifying the parts to fit better or be ready for rigging shouldn’t be too big of a deal. Not sure where else to find one though. I would play around with it and see if you can make it work.

You do realize that this site is most likely illegal? Quick browse through their gallery showed me 90% of the models extracted from games, hosted by them, “granting” you the license to freely use it lol.

correct there was no rigging but when i tried to use rotate it and snap its vertices to the vertices of the wing( for example) the rotation behaved very strangely and it did not move in the right direction. i refered to this in a thread some time back and still have not solved the problem.

oh and i was only intending to use the model for personal use, as i said i rather like the mig 23.

Each part of the model had it’s origin in the same spot, but after resetting them I didn’t have much trouble moving things around. I guess it just depends on how much time you want to spend on it.

by resetting did you mean snapping their origins to their geometry? the problem is to fit it correctly some parts need rotating at funny angles(not x,y,z or local x,y,z) when i did this they performed very strange rotations in other directions and if i rotate about each x then y then z axis with snapping enabled it either does the same blasted thing(weird angles) or does not quite reach the right position( in some cases certain vertices are snapped together but the part is not in the correct place as it is rotated around an axis on the line between these two vertices( the origin and the one i wanted to snap to). thanks for the help so far.

I guess I just don’t understand what you mean. Yes I did set the origins to geometry or at a cursor point if that’s what I wanted. I’m not doing any snapping, just rotating, sometimes around the cursor, sometimes midpoints etc., until it’s in the posistion I want.

I did notice that all faces are seperated so I’m not sure if that is related to your problem.