Where can I find a place to submit new business ideas?

I don’t want to keep the idea, I just want to give it away. I’m not looking for glory or money. I just want to give this idea to the world. I have an idea for a better insurance and wanted to give it away, in hopes someone would start one.

I guess I’ll share the idea. But I only asking where I can submit for free for free.

A better insurance company. A better insurance policy. Better coverage. Imagine having almost all the money that you have given away to insurance companies. It would be yours and not given to a black hole that never gives back. In this article I will talk about a company like this.

This insurance company is currently only a dream. Just an idea someone has come up with. In order to make it reality, someone would have to create the company that uses the idea.

In this insurance policy, I will use an automobile for example. You pay the insurance company the monthly fee. It has the same rate as any other insurance company. The key difference is the money you spend on the insurance policy is still yours. Minus maintenance fees.

Lets say in this insurance policy you have paid 20k dollars minus the maintenance fee. Your insurance policy covers your car, anything that happens up to only 20k dollars. If it was 10k you would only be covered for 10k. If you had 50k you would be covered for 50k. And the money is yours, if you wanted to make a withdrawal you can.

The insurance money would roll over to other cars. If you changed cars you would still be covered. You would always, for the life of the time you drive a car or truck, always be covered.

After a certain amount has been accumulated in the account, you can have the option of increasing the amount, or holding the amount. If you hold the amount of your policy then your insurance payment would only be the maintenance fee. Nothing more would ever come from your pocket, unless you needed to make a claim. But you don’t because your a safe driver.

This could make it even more advanced, the money in your automobile insurance could be used to cover unexpected disasters, such as medical bills. Imagine only paying until there is sufficient number of dollars saved. After that you only pay a maintenance fee.

In the event money is used for a claim. The payments would go back up until the money is replaced. It’s the same if you make a withdrawal. If you make a withdrawal then the payment number would increase until it’s replaced.

This would benefit people who already have money. They can make a one time deposit and fill the policy, then only pay a maintenance fee for the purpose of fulfilling law requirements.

An incurance company like this could save tax payers trillions of dollars. It could increase the quality of life for all people. One of the most serious problems people face in life, is the insurance requirements.

Seems you already shared it here, so mission accomplished? :slight_smile:

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I was hoping to find a more relevant webpage. Rather than the blenderartists, which is about artwork. And hoping I can ananomous submit, without making an account. I looked on google but could only find strange things.

What you are describing is a bank account.

The point with insurances is that in most cases, when you atcually need it, the insurance company pays you more than what you pay the insurance company.

Insurance only seems expensive until you actually need it.

The difference here is the law. The law makes it a requirement to have an insurance provider. Yes I thought about this, I could save the money up in a savings account rather than pay an insurance provider. However, the Law says I have to buy insurance.

Generally the only car insurance that you are by law required to have (I assume this is true for most countries), is one that covers the damage you cause others.

If you crash into a car worth 1 million, your insurance will cover the damages you cause. How would that work in the system you suggest?

Here in the United States, it’s required to have full coverage. It cost about $180-$300 dollars per month. And as far as the 1million dollar car, the insurance only covers what you have selected to pay. Say 10k at the minimum, with options to increase. Mine is at 25k dollars, but I have to pay for it. After this nothing is covered. You have to pay out of pocket. That means if you had the minimum of 10k dollars, 1million - 10k, The rest you owe.

Ok, that sounds like a strange system to me, but I do understand you a bit better now.

I still see a problem with having to spend an extra 10 000 when you buy a car to get any insurance coverage though.

The problem is that is would be hard to make politicians and millionaires/billionaires to accept this solution. I’m from Sweden and it’s the same no matter where you are.

Yes it is difficult to start a business. And what is even harder, is staying in business. This is because the other companies shutdown any startups with lawsuits.

…how about commercial liability?
How would that work, if I needed to insure my work truck with a $2mio (pretty much required in all marina facilities here in the west coast BC) coverage, so that I get access to the facility to work on a client’s boat?

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