Where can I find a Sailing-Ship-Tutorial?

I want to make a sailing ship in Blender, but I have got zero (0) clue on how to approach this problem. I somewhat know how to model the base hull, but I don’t know how to texture it (so that the wooden planks-texture fits nicely on the curved hull, I tried every possible method including making seams and unwrapping, but nothing works the way I want it to work).

Secondly there is the rigging (not the animation, but ship rigging, you know the stuff about ropes and sails etc.). It looks way too complicated for me than to just look at reference photos.

Therefore, all I all, I am prepared to watch a tutorial made for ANY software, it does not need to be Blender (except for the texturing of the hull, which I hope you guys could tell me in this thread although it is the modelling section) but I do need a throughough, professional-narrated video tutorial.

It doesn’t matter it is not for Blender, but it gotta be professional voiced. Not these poor quality tutorials the 'net is filled up with already.

Video is definetly preferred, and of course it should come with reference (blueprints).

I hope somebody answers my questions on this. I really want to make a good looking sailing ship (18th century and earlier).

Thank you, but I already watched this, and it is a little to fast (it is just a timelapse). But thank you anyway :slight_smile:

The video timelapse/tutorial does not show how to texture the ship. It just all of a sudden gets a texture applied to the hull, no mention of how it was done. I have reviewed this for the third time now. What am I missing?

EDIT: The Texturing part is definetly missing!

Select faces and assign materials, that’s all there was. Around 47:20. They were tweaking materials for a face selection.